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Ice Air Cooler

Ice Air Cooler

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❄️Refreshing Coolness

🧊Beat The Heat



  • Dimensions: 26cm*21cm
  • Sprinklers: 5
  • Fan Gear: 3-gear adjustment
  • Water Storage: 600 mL
  • LED: Adjustable colors
  • Battery Life: 3 hours on max
  • Timing Gear: 1-3 Hours

How to Use?

  1. Setup: Place the ice mist fan in a stable location within reach of a power outlet. Ensure the fan is on a flat surface and away from obstacles that could obstruct airflow.
  2. Fill the Water Tank: Open the water tank compartment and fill it with clean, cold water.
  3. Add Ice (Optional): If desired, add ice cubes or ice packs to the water tank to enhance the cooling effect. This step is optional but can provide extra refreshment, especially during hot weather.
  4. Power On: Plug the fan into a power outlet and switch it on using the power button or remote control
  5. Adjust Height and Angle: If your fan has adjustable height and angle settings, position it to direct the airflow where you need it most.
  6. Enjoy Cooling Relief: Sit back and enjoy the cooling breeze and mist generated by the fan. Relax and stay refreshed, especially during hot days or in stuffy indoor environments.
  7. Maintenance: Regularly clean the fan's water tank and filters to ensure optimal performance and hygiene.
  8. Power Off: When you're done using the fan, switch it off and unplug it from the power outlet. Empty any remaining water from the tank if you don't plan to use it again immediately.


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🧊Beat The Heat

Effective Cooling & Personal Air Quality Improvement- Portable Cooling Fan with powerful airflow.

Variety of Color Options & Low Noise Level - The air cooler fan offers a range of soothing colors and operates quietly.


Instant relief on hot days!

By combining the natural cooling properties of water with the chilling effect of ice, these fans create a refreshing mist that cools the surrounding air. This cold mist can help lower the ambient temperature in a room or outdoor space, providing a welcome escape from sweltering heat.


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Does the Ice Fan need to charge?

Ice Fan comes with a charging cable that plugs in during use.

Will It Grow Mold?

It is important to clean out the tank frequently to prevent mold or mildew. Ice Fan is easy to clean with its sleek design. This makes it easy to maintain, and hard for mold to grow!

How Long Does The Water Last?

It depends on how much ice you place in it, and the level of mist you have. The tank can fit up to 600mL of water. It can range anywhere from 2.5 hours on max spray up to 12 hours on the lowest spray.

How long Does It Stay On?

As long as you need it to! Whether its for a 15 minutes study session, or for a great night sleep, Ice Fan plugs into an outlet to keep you cool!